Phase 1



  • Sugar free drink (water, light black tea, weak coffee or coffee substitute), if necessary sweetened with stevia or “artificial” sweetener like aspartame
  • 1 NEWDIET instant protein meal (eg crêpe with ham and cheese flavor)
  • Permitted vegetables from the list (eg 1 tomato)


  • 1 real meal from the list
  • Allowed vegetables from the list

4 p.m. snack

  • A large cup of mineral water or weak tea
  • 1 NEWDIET instant protein meal


  • 1 NEWDIET instant protein meal
  • Allowed vegetables from the list

Important notice

Lunch and dinner can be exchanged. This means you can have a NEWDIET instant protein meal for lunch and a regular meal for dinner, or vice versa. They can be swapped as you like. The permitted vegetable varieties can be consumed at any time during the day in unlimited quantities.

Do not forget that during the course of the day you must drink regularly (sugar-free mineral water, preferably with no or only low carbonation, tea, coffee) – at least 2 liters per day!

The NEWDIET instant protein meals may be seasoned with salt or any desired spice, including dried garlic and onions.

It is essential to add 1 tablespoon of high quality cold pressed olive oil (or evening primrose or rape seed oil). The oil is a source of omega fatty acids and prevents gallbladder problems.

Allowed types of vegetables during phase 1

The base list

During the first phase with NEWDIET you may only consume the following vegetables:

  • artichokes
  • aubergine
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • watercress
  • chicory
  • daikon
  • fennel
  • green beans
  • cucumber
  • cabbage (normal or Chinese cabbage), fresh or as sauerkraut (then only with no added sugar)
  • pumpkin
  • leek
  • mushrooms (including shiitake, oyster and other edible mushrooms)
  • radish
  • brussels sprouts
  • arugula
  • lettuce
  • bean sprouts and other sprouts (wheat, mungo beans, lentils etc.)
  • asparagus
  • spinach
  • celery
  • tomatoes (maximum 1 per day)
  • zucchini

Vegetables can either be eaten raw as a salad with a tablespoon of high quality oil as a dressing (maximum one tablespoon of oil per day) or steamed or boiled in water .

Virtually all dried spices, lemon juice, dried onions, dried garlic and vinegar can be used. On the other hand, just like mustard, almost all ready-made sauces are unsuitable (yoghurt, herb, barbecue sauces etc.).

In Phase 1, you can use as much salt as you like (rather too much than too little). After the end of the diet less salt should be used.

Complete your salad with two hard-boiled eggs – but use only the egg whites! Eggs fill you up, so you will not feel hungry after eating only one salad.

Allowed types of real meals during phase 1 = animal and plant based proteins

Base list

(servings weighing 150g, unless specified otherwise)

  • 1 organic egg (hard or soft cooked)
  • eel (100 g)
  • flounder
  • perch (100 g)
  • trout
  • gilthead bream (Dorade)
  • grass carp (100 g)
  • halibut
  • chicken or duck liver (100 g)
  • chicken, turkey or rabbit meat without skin
  • cod (100 g)
  • veal escalope, well-fried (100 g)
  • lamb or mutton leg (100 g)
  • lean or diet ham (“low-fat”) (100 g)
  • pangasius
  • tench (100 g)
  • sea bream (100 g)
  • monkfish
  • silver carp (100 g)
  • sushi (100g)
  • tofu (of course, with seaweed, smoked …)
  • zander (100 g)

→ In Phase 1, meat and fish with higher fat content (or too many calories) are excluded (salmon, tuna, mackerel, pike, carp, seafood, pork, beef, duck, etc.).

Preparing “real” meals

  • Marinating is the optimal way to prepare the meat.
  • The normal meals can also be fried with several drops of high quality olive oil (meat, tofu etc.).

Get used to eating fish regularly. Keep in mind that the brighter the meat is, the healthier it is and the easier it is for the organism to digest. Familiarize yourself with tofu, visit a vegetarian or vegan restaurant!

Phase 1 foods to avoid

To avoid all other foods such as: all sorts of bread, biscuits, cereals (eg cornflakes, oatmeal and “Müsli”), fruit, fruit juices, all starchy foods (potatoes, rice or beans), yoghurt and cheese, alcohol (including beer and wine), vegetables that are not on the list of permitted vegetables, etc.

Sugar is strictly prohibited: If you wish, you can use artificial sweeteners (such as aspartame) or sugar substitutes based on the stevia plant.

Advice on “what to do so that I don’t experience…”

Dizziness, cramps

Dizziness can be caused by sodium deficiency, which can be just like a lack of other minerals. That’s why it’s important to salt the permitted vegetables more than you would otherwise. Also keep in mind that it is important to consume at least one salty NEWDIET Instant Protein meal daily during Phase 1.

Cramps (muscle spasms, etc.) are often due to magnesium and potassium deficiency. The organism must be supplemented with magnesium and potassium during the first phase via dietary supplements. If these supplements are taken regularly from the beginning of the diet, these problems are very rare.


When you lose weight , your organism perceives this as a period of “lack” or fuel poverty as it has to feed on its own reserves. Therefore, the body should be supplied with polyunsaturated fatty acids (so-called omega fatty acids) in the form of dietary supplements: especially during the first two phases of the NEWDIET program.


Constipation can occur if you do not eat enough vegetables. Make sure you eat enough vegetables (preferably cooked) and drink plenty of mineral water. If you are prone to constipation, a natural laxative can help.

An intense feeling of hunger

If the NEWDIET program is followed correctly, experience of hunger may be eroded from the second or third day of the diet. If you are still hungry, you can eat an extra bowl of allowed vegetables and drink plenty of water. You can also take an additional NEWDIET instant protein meal. However, if you are not hungry at all and feel full, do not skip protein meals! Thanks to the proteins supplied with NEWDIET meals, your body loses weight!


Headaches are among the rare side effects of NEWDIET and can occur within the first few days of the weight loss program. Do not forget to salt your meals sufficiently. Headaches can also be caused by sodium deficiency.

Bad breath

Bad breath is caused by the natural formation of ketone bodies (acetone) in the course of the NEWDIET program. It is an immediate indication that you follow the program well. If you bother the bad breath, you can use an oral spray or sugar-free mint sweets.

A lower or delayed weight-loss

Generally, you should weigh no more than 1 time (!) a week during the NEWDIET program. During the 10 days before their period, some women experience water retention in the body, which can lead to “swelling”. This can cover weight loss for a few days. If you do not seem to lose weight during this period, it’s normal. This effect disappears after the end of hormone-induced water retention with the “swelling”.

Most common mistakes in phase 1

  • Sweet and salty-tasting protein meals are not used in proper balance.
  • Due to the feeling of satiety not enough protein is consumed.
  • During this phase, protein bars are eaten (not allowed in phase 1).
  • Not enough water is drunk (during Phase 1, you need at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day).
  • Drinks are sweetened with sugar or honey (for sweetening stevia, aspartame or similar sweeteners must be used).
  • Minerals (potassium, magnesium) and other important substances in the form of dietary supplements are not taken regularly. This leads to physical problems (calf cramps). The muscles demand absolute abstinence: 1 glass of wine per day is allowed only from phase 3 on.

The duration of Phase 1 depends on how much you want to lose weight. It usually takes 10 to 30 days.