Anna, 48yrs old, 176cm, initial weight 84kg

My name is Anna, I am 48 years old and 176cm. I started the diet with 84 kg and weight 69kg today. During most of my life, I have been very thin – almost too thin – which is a paradox.

I started gaining weight when I hit my forties – slowly, but surely. At the beginning, it almost didn’t show. Until I wasn’t able to get in my pants anymore without holding my breath, all of my t-shirts were too small for me. I always managed to find excuses for myself, right until the day my blood tension skyrocketed and my husband started looking at me with a critical eye. I understood I had to do something about my weight.

But how? I’ve tried it all: fasting, various other weight-loss methods, I even tried dieting pills… but I still weighted more. I was desperate. I finally found your website, ordered some of your products, followed instructions and I started losing weight! It’s true that at the beginning, I had trouble respecting that I had to eat the protein meals even though I wasn’t hungry at the beginning, but I quickly overcame that. In two months, I’ve lost 15kg. My life has changed a lot since then: I can use stairs without losing my breath, I have less medical problems… and I feel a little bit younger :)

Thank you! Anna

Marie, 48 years old, 173cm, initial weight 114kg

I’ve had weight problems during most of my life and I’ve tried many weight-loss methods without getting any real result. I was constantly occupied with my career and daily stress, and I didn’t really have time to watch what I was eating. This unhealthy lifestyle brought me joint pain, respiratory problems, extremely high blood pressure and depression due to my physical appearance.

I’m happy that my friend introduced me to protein diets and, since it’s more fun to lose weight if you’re not alone, I decided to go on the protein diet with her. I lost a lot of my weight very quickly and my medical problems were dissapearing along with my extra kilos. My friend was very creative when it came to inventing new recipes with protein meals and I enjoyed eating them. My whole weight-loss process took a total of 7 months to complete, during which I’ve lost 40 amazing kilos.

I weight 74kg today. I still watch my weight and I’m very happy. We keep on creating new recipes with my friend and we still occasionally eat a protein meal. I am convinced that this program is the key to a durable weight-loss. I definitely recommend this program, it’s adapted to men as well as women, to all age categories.

PS: My husband started his diet too, and he’s succeeding!!

Thomas, 30 years old, initial weight of 115kg

My name is Thomas and I am 30 years old. I entered swimming competitions until I was 21 and the idea of dieting never even crossed my mind. I trained so much all the time that I didn’t have any time to gain weight. My problems with obesity started once I ended my competitive career. I wasn’t exercising as much and my weight started to go up inconspicuously. In 2006, I hit 93kg. In 2011, I weighted 106kg and decided that I was fed up with being obese. I tried two weight-loss methods. The first one was a dieting method based on eating rice which lasted for 5 weeks. I’ve lost 9kg, which was great! Except that two months later, I suffered from the yo-yo effect and gained 12kg. I also tried to ration my food but it had mostly the same effect. My boss then talked to me about the protein diet, I gave it a try and regret nothing. In late August 2014, weighting 115kg, I started losing weight with the protein diet. Once the dieting (which was very comfortable – I wasn’t hungry, I was in a good mood…) was over, people around me had trouble recongizing me. I weight 96kg, which means I’ve lost 19kg. I finished a month ago and suffered no yo-yo effect, I’ve learned how to eat properly and control myself thanks to Newdiet. I recommend it to everyone!

Heidi, initial weight 75kg

Just like most women, I’ve tried to watch my physical appearance starting from my teenage years. I remember that I started my first diet when I was in high-school. My technique was to refrain from eating anything from 4pm onwards. I’ve also tried other weight-loss methods in the following years: I drank vegetable juices, rationned my food, ate salads… The results were always the same… I lost weight, and regained twice the amount. I was heavier and heavier and I felt more and more depressed. I’ve already heard of the protein diet, but I thought that it meant drinking protein cocktails all day, which didn’t sound very appealing to me..

I’ve heard of Newdiet through a colleague at work, who obviously lost a lot of weight, although I saw him eating pancakes during lunch. His change motivated me, and I tried the protein diet for myself. After a few days, I already had results and, above all, I wasn’t hungry. I was excited to start each new day to see how my weight would go down. My weight was 75kg when I started. I’ve lost almost 8kg during the first month and felt super great. I was really happy to see my friends’ reactions and I started liking my body more. I was afraid that I’d stop losing weight in phase 2, but it kept on going down… I also started exercising, which helped me lose even more weight. This diet tought me what to watch out what I’m eating and I really like all the different protein meals I could choose from. The bonus is that one loses weight quickly with no yo-yo effect. I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% happy with my weight but at least I’m looking forward to the summer season to wear my bathing suit and feel great at the same time.

The names of our clients were changed