Answers by Dr. Milos Ryc, the lead doctor of the NEWDIET program.

What is the difference between a low calorie diet and the NEWDIET program?

A well-prescribed and followed ketogenic protein diet NEWDIET will lead the organism to enter a state of „ketosis“ thanks to a high intake of proteins and a low intake of sugar. The essence of the diet is to overflow the organism with „ketones“, entirely natural and energetically rich compounds. Ketones aren’t „artificial“ compounds that we would supply the body with. They are created by the organism of each person, for example due to fasting, and their presence results in „switching“ the metabolism onto an energy-saving mode. In the context of the NEWDIET weight-loss program, we want them to appear quickly without the organism feeling hunger while also preventing the body from draining its muscles as a primary source of energy since muscle tissue is easier to access for the body than fat tissue. Ketones appear during the protein diet by digesting NEWDIET protein meals (phase 1), then by the breakdown of the fat tissue and its transformation into energy in amounts big enough to support the normal functioning of a human organism (phase 2). The induced state of ketosis is disturbed by carbohydrates and fats so even a small deviation from the described rules of the protein diet puts an end to ketosis. The diet then becomes a „regular“ low-calorie diet and with it ends the protection provided to the muscle tissue.

Is it possible to prove that I have reached the ketosis state?

Yes. One of the indicators is the reaction of urine with an indicator strip, which shows with its color shade the concentration of ketones (eg Bayer Keto Diastix strips, available in pharmacies or online). Another, albeit rough, indicator is the presence of bad breath which smells like acetone. We correct this with the use of chewing-gum and mint candies without sugar or by mouth spray.

Do I have to use „diet pills“ during the diet?

Nein. Das NEWDIET-Programm ist eine effektive und ganz natürliche Methode für die Gewichtsabnahme und eine chemische Unterstützung ist nicht erforderlich. Daher enthält sie keine Hormone, keine Appetit zügelnden Pillen und keine Pillen zur Reduzierung der Wassereinlagerung. Selbstverständlich können Sie alle Arzneimittel weiter nehmen, die Sie vor Beginn der Diät verwendet haben, mit Ausnahme süsser Sirup-Präparate. Diese müssen durch eine andere Form des Arzneimittels ersetzt werden. Während der Diät werden vorbeugend nur Nahrungsergänzungsmittel wie Mineralstoffe, Omega-Fettsäuren und Vitamine verwendet.

Does one feel hungry during the NEWDIET protein diet?

Ketones effectively supress feelings of hunger. High-quality proteins provide the body with a feeling of being full on their own. The first two or three days may be complicated, since it’s the necessary amount of time for the body to enter ketosis. We advise clients to start with the diet right before the week-end instead of a Monday.

Is the NEWDIET protein diet caroboyhdrate-free?

No. There are enough carbohydrates (around 50g per day) in the instant protein meals and vegetables that won’t disturb ketosis but also keep the organism running smoothly without experiencing problems related to the central nervous system (dizziness, weakness etc.). By its composition, the diet is much closer to a fat-free diet.

For how long do I have to be on the NEWDIET protein diet?

This depends on how much weight you wish to lose. In general, the individual phases must be completed one after the other. It should not be forgotten that each phase must be complied with twice as long as the previous phase. If, for example, 10 kg are to be lost, phase 1 must be maintained for 15 days, phase 2 for 30 days and phase 3 for the long term.

What happens once I finish the NEWDIET protein diet?

While the protein diet is in itself only a necessary means to help you lose weight, it isn’t your goal. Once you finish phase 1 of the protein diet, it’s necessary to proceed to phase 2, which completes and consolidates your weight-loss. Phase 2 is followed by phase 3 (stabilization) whose purpose is to correct any wrong eating habits you have so that you can feel happiness from food again without it being tarnished by an increase of weight. This is the whole idea of the NEWDIET protein diet. Our greatest sense of accomplishment comes from those clients who not only lose weight, but also never gain it back.

Why do I have to take additional minerals, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids in the NEWDIET program?

The organism loses minerals during the diet and can experience a lack of vitamins and omega acids. We correct the need for increased amounts of sodium by adding more salt to the so-called salty flavours and vegetables. A good source of essential* unsaturated fatty acids (the so-called omega 3) are food supplements made from fish. Various high-quality cold-pressed oils (olive, evening primrose or rapeseed oil) added to your salad can be a good source of omega 6 acids. Magnesium and potassium are added to the diet in the form of adequate food supplements. Adding these minerals, vitamins and omega acids is very important for the smooth going of the diet.

Are your products also suited for people with lactose intolerance?

Two things should not be confused, allergy and intolerance. Our products are usually well tolerated by people who have digestive problems with lactose.

What is the composition (ingredients) of NEWDIET meals?

The composition of each NEWDIET meal is listed in the assortment section (click on "detailed package leaflet"). There you will also find the allergens for each product. NEWDIET meals are food and not drugs, all allergens are declared in compliance with the law. If you are allergic to certain substances, we ask you to message. We will gladly give you detailed information.

Why is additional protein intake important in a ketogenic diet?

In the ketogenic diet, the high protein foods do not provide extra protein. Therefore, protein foods must be supplemented with meals. This triggers a natural process accompanied by ketosis - the production of ketone bodies. It is a natural reaction of the body to lack of energy. In other words, NEWDIET protein meals put the body in a fasting state within three days - without feeling hungry. In addition, the lean body tissue (muscles) is protected. As part of the NEWDIET protein diet, the body uses mostly its fat reserves, which is the most outstanding feature of this diet.

Does it matter if one prefers NEWDIET’s sweet meals during Phase 1?

It makes sense to follow the recommended 1: 1 ratio between salty and sweet meals. A monotonous diet does not make sense.

Where can I buy NEWDIET meals?

NEWDIET products are available exclusively online at the following link.

Why do meals have to be eaten within 10 minutes of preparation?

So that the proteins in powder form dissolve well.

Can I eat unlimited vegetables during the NEWDIET protein diet, even outside meals?

You may consume unlimited vegetables from the list, even outside meals.

It is intended that you do not drink alcohol during the protein diet – what happens if I drink 1 glass of dry white wine for dinner?

During phase 1 really no alcohol shall be drunk. Drinking a glass of dry white wine from the 2nd phase, really only from time to time, does not matter, as long as the program is followed correctly.