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High-protein ketogenic diet – a pleasant, 3-step loss of weight program at the expense of adipose tissue

  • without feeling hungry
  • a safe and verified method
  • easy-to-prepare meals

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If you have decided to lose weight, the NEWDIET ketogenic protein diet offers you fast weight loss at the expense of fat reserves. A generally good state of health is the prerequisite. Without feeling hungry you gradually lose weight. How the NEWDIET program works can be found here.

It is important not only to lose weight, but also to prevent the known yo-yo effect. The best strategy for maintaining your achieved ideal weight is a particularly slow return to a normal, balanced diet after Phase 1. Phases 2 and 3 provide a safe and gradual transition to normal nutrition and a long-term understanding of new eating habits.

There is a big difference between the potential uses of NEWDIET protein meals:

1. Adhering to the NEWDIET program for the purpose of effectively losing weight and stabilizing it later.

2. The use of NEWDIET products not as part of a diet but with the aim of sporadically feeding the organism high-protein, low-carbohydrate and low-energy meals.


Achieve your desired weight with tasty, varied protein meals

Choose from 24 different meal options (sweet and salty) such as:

Vanilla Flavored Pudding in powder


Spaghetti Bolognese in powder


Chocolate Flavored Pudding in powder


Apple Cinnamon Flavored Oatmeal in powder


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Frequently asked questions

For how long do I have to be on the NEWDIET protein diet?

This depends on how much weight you wish to lose. In general, the individual phases must be completed one after the other. It should not be forgotten that each phase…

What is the difference between a low calorie diet and the NEWDIET program?

A well-prescribed and followed ketogenic protein diet NEWDIET will lead the organism to enter a state of „ketosis“ thanks to a high intake of proteins and a low intake of…

What is the composition (ingredients) of NEWDIET meals?

The composition of each NEWDIET meal is listed in the assortment section (click on "detailed package leaflet"). There you will also find the allergens for each product. NEWDIET meals are…

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