High-protein ketogenic diet

3-phase program

We’d like to introduce you to an easy-to-understand method of losing weight that can help you get rid of excess pounds. The diet was developed in 1973 by Professor George Blackburn at the Harvard University Medical School in the USA and is known as a HIGH PROTEIN KETOGENIC DIET ​​OR NEWDIET.

The NEWDIET program consists of three consecutive phases, each lasting twice as long as the previous phase.

Phase 1

  • 1 + 3 = 1 normal meal from the high protein food list and 3 meals supplemented with NEWDIET instant protein meals + vegetables from the base list

The NEWDIET program will replace up to three normal meals with NEWDIET instant protein meals. The relationship between sweet and salty meals remains at least approximately preserved. In addition, vegetables from the list of permitted vegetables must be consumed.

Sweet foods (with the exception of the sweet-tasting NEWDIET meals) are strictly prohibited (including all vegetables and fruits that are not on the list).

In order to bring about the so-called ketosis*, the body must be supplied in sufficient quantity with instant protein of high quality.

The first phase usually lasts 10-30 days and ensures you a quick loss of excess pounds. The weight reduction mainly takes place via the adipose tissue (as can be checked with a balance with bioelectrical impedance analysis).

*Ketose = Increase in the concentration of completely natural compounds called ketone bodies (acetoacetate, acetone and beta-hydroxybutyrate) in the body (blood, urine and breath). This is a natural phenomenon that occurs, for example, during fasting. It should not be confused with the dangerous ketoacidosis (a metabolic breakdown that usually occurs in patients with decompensated diabetes).


Phase 2

  • Gradual reintroduction of carbohydrates
  • 2 + 2 = 2 normal meals from the list of high protein foods and 2 meals supplemented with NEWDIET instant protein meals + vegetables from the list

In this phase, the body is still very limited to be supplied with fat. At the same time, it is gradually getting used to the consumption of carbohydrates (these carbohydrates are not made from refined sugar, but rather from foods containing them, especially so-called starchy foods: potatoes, rice, legumes and fruits and vegetables with higher sugar content). This phase can be used several weeks if required.

2 normal main meals with a high protein content and minimal amounts of fat are allowed. It is important to include the carbohydrates carefully and very slowly in the diet (eg 2 smaller potatoes as an accompaniment to one of the main meals, 1 slice of wholegrain bread or a small portion of rice, etc.). In the second half of Phase 2, an additional snack in the form of a small fruit or low-fat yoghurt may be added as a morning snack. In addition, a sweet NEWDIET protein meal can be replaced with a NEWDIET protein bar. In addition, regular exercise is recommended during this phase (at least twice a week).

Phase 3

  • Balanced diet based on new dietary habits
  • 1 + 3 = 1 meal supplemented with NEWDIET instant protein meals and 3 normal meals + all vegetables and fruits

The body is now switched to a healthy lifestyle.

This includes not overeating yourself, consuming 3-4 regular meals a day and not eating immediately before going to bed. In any case, all foods that are useless to the body (saturated fatty acids, refined sugar and high-percentage alcohol) are definitely given up.

Instead, organic foods and wholemeal bread are preferred and there is no smoking. Good quality alcohol is consumed modestly and this only during meals.

The food is cooked as healthy as possible, not cooked too long or fried. Before eating, one wonders: Is what I eat useful to my body?

This lifestyle has to be pleasant and one should feel good about following it.

At this stage, 1-2 meals supplemented with NEWDIET instant protein meals per day (including protein bars) are sufficient. These are usually consumed instead of breakfast and if needed as an afternoon snack. If necessary, drinks or meals can be moderately sweetened with honey or cane sugar.